5 Most Beautiful Railway Stations of the World

Wanna Know About 5 Most Beautiful Railway Stations of the World?

most beautiful railway stations

World’s 5 Most Beautiful Railway Stations


01. Grand Central Terminal, New York :- This railway station is situated at Midtown Manhattan in New York City, and considered as one of the most famous railway stations in the United States of America. Grand Central Terminal or GCT is named as the most beautiful railway station in the world. Though it was officially named Grand Central Terminal but it is popularly known as Grand Central Station.

most beautiful railway stations

GCT has 44 platforms divided on two separate levels. Reed and Stem designed the overall railway station and the Beaux- Arts style details were added by Warren and Wetmore. Its famous iconic clock was designed by Henry Edward Bedford. Whenever you get a chance to be in New York city don’t forget to see it person because as GCT is topping on the list of world’s most beautiful railway stations.

02. The Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, Mumbai (India) :- The Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus or CST, which was earlier known as the Victoria Terminus, is a beautiful railway station in Mumbai, India. CST is a UNESCO World Heritage Site as its building is a beautiful blend of Victorian Italianate Gothic Revival and traditional Mughal style.

most beautiful railway stations of the world

Frederick William Stevens is the name of the designer whose mind was behind this beautiful infrastructure called Victoria Terminus/The Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus. It was named “Victoria Terminus” in the year 1887, during the Golden Jubilee honor of Queen Victoria. In the year 1996, its name was changed to Chhatrapati Shivaji, in the honor of the great Maratha Emperor, and since then it is known as Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus. It’s building is huge but the railway station has a lot of hustle and bustle due to heavy crowd.

03. Liege – Guillemins, Belgium :- The Liege – Guillemins Railway Station, which was Opened in 2009 is a must watch during your Belgium trip as it is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful railway stations of the world. It is the main railway station of the city of Liège. Liege – Guillemins station has five platforms and ten tracks.

Liege - Guillemins, Belgium - world's most beautiful railway stations

15,000 people use it every day which makes it the eleventh busiest station in Belgium. One of the most renowned and talented architect Santiago Calatrava designed this magnificent railway station. The monumental arch is 105 feet tall. It is made of steel, white concrete and glass. The ultra modern design makes it one of the most beautiful railway stations around the world.

04. St. Pancras International, London :- Located on Euston Road in the London Borough of Camden, St Pancras railway station which is also known as London St Pancras, is a central London railway terminus and Grade I listed building. It is often called as the “Cathedral of the Railways”. The station has very attractive Victorian architecture.

St. Pancras International, London - The world's most beautiful railway stations

Let us tell you a special thing about St. Pancras International that its arched train shed has the largest single span roof in the whole world. It is the busiest station of London with 15 platforms. The station also has a shopping center, a London Underground Stop and a bus stand. St. Pancras International surly deserves to be on this list of World’s five most beautiful railway stations.

05. Dunedin Station, New Zealand :-  George Troup designed the Dunedin Railway Station located in Dunedin on New Zealand’s South Island. It is the city’s fourth station with two platforms. Because of this beautiful railway station its architect earned nick name  of “Gingerbread George”.

Dunedin Station, New Zealand - world's most beautiful railway stations

This railway station has a beautiful revived Flemish renaissance style. The station was opened in 1906. The station is used for more than the railway purpose. The upper floor has New Zealand Sports Hall of Fame and the Otago Art Society. our list of five beautiful railway stations of the world ends here with Dunedin Station, read on to know more here.