Top 10 Tourist Cities in Poland

Do you know what are Top 10 Tourist Cities in Poland?

Poland, 9th largest country in Europe, has an increase in the number of tourists after joining the European Union. Here we are going to tell you about top 10 tourist cities in this beautiful country. There are many beautiful towns too that are popular among tourists but this list includes only Top 10 tourist cities of Poland, so read on to know more.

Top 10 tourist cities in Poland

Following is the list of top 10 tourist cities in Poland, check it out.

Top Ten Tourist Cities in Poland


01. Krakow :- Krakow is the second largest and one of the oldest cities in Poland with its old-world ambiance and charm. It is situated on the Vistula River in the Lesser Poland region. The former Polish capital’s atmospheric Old Town and Kazimierz’s streets in the Jewish district have exciting galleries, cafes, pubs and restaurants. Krakow’s main tourist attractions include Wawel Royal Castle, 14th-century St. Mary’s Basilica and the huge 10-acre Main Market Square, Wawel Cathedral, The Barbican (Barbakan), Polish Aviation Museum, Jewish District (Kazimierz), Kracow Historical Museum – Old Market Underground, Franciscan Church (Kosciol Franciszkanow), Krakow Cloth Hall, Juliusz Słowacki Theatre, Abbaye de Tyniec and Planty Park etc.

Top 10 tourist cities in Poland - Krakow

Wieliczka Salt Mine is a near by destination to explore. The Main Market Square in the Old Town in Kraków is the largest medieval town square in Europe and one of the main tourist attractions in Poland. The square is surrounded by historical townhouses, historic buildings, palaces and churches. The center of the square is dominated by the Cloth Hall, rebuilt in 1555 in the Renaissance style, topped by a beautiful attic. Krakow deserves to be on the top of the list of 10 best tourist cities in Poland.

02. Gdansk :- This city in Poland is one of the cheerful maritime cities popular with both tourist and holiday destination. Gdansk, which lies at the mouth of the Motława River, is one of Poland’s oldest cities with a history going back a thousand years. The city has beautiful beaches and a gentle climate. It is one of three famous coastal cities of Poland that form a metropolitan area called the Tricity. Other two cities are Sopot and Gdynia. Sopot is a famous seaside resort that is not so far from here, and Gdynia is also near where you should see war ships and war museums with other tourist attractions. You will love Old town of Gdansk which is also known as Stare Miasto.

Top 10 tourist cities in Poland - Gdansk

Most of the tourist attractions are located along or near Ulica Długa (Long Street) and Długi Targ (Long Market), a pedestrian thoroughfare surrounded by buildings reconstructed in historical style and flanked at both ends by elaborate city gates. Golden Gate, Upland Gate, Prison Tower, Torture House (Katownia), Main Town Hall, Uphagen House, Neptune’s Fountain, Green Gate, Artus’ Court, Long Street, and Golden House are main attractions. The exclusive architecture of the Old Town of Gdansk is undoubtedly worth exploring. Here you can see a number of historical churches, such as St. Bridget church, St. Catherine church, St. Nicholas’ Church, St. John church, and St. Mary (Bazylika Mariacka) which is the largest brick Gothic church in the world. At The National Museum you can eyewitness a number of important artworks, including Hans Memling’s Last Judgement. Gdansk is a perfect  city for romance. It is also famous for its amber jewelry shops where you can buy beautiful amber jewelry and artifacts to gift to your girlfriend or wife.

03. Warsaw :- It is the sprawling capital of Poland with long, turbulent history, from Gothic churches and neoclassical palaces to Soviet-era blocks and modern skyscrapers. Poland’s As cultural hub of Poland, Warsaw has a thriving nightlife and music scene, both classical and underground. The city has a variety of tourist attractions, including historical sights, monuments, museums, theaters, and places connected with Marie Curie, and with Frédéric Chopin and his music. The Old Town of Warsaw which is one of the main tourist attractions is a UNESCO World heritage site.

Top 10 tourist cities in Poland - Warsaw

Most notable landmarks in the Old Town are the Royal Castle, King Sigismund’s Column, Market Square, and the Barbican. Other tourist attractions in Warsaw are  Wilanów Palace, oldest public park Saxon Garden, Royal Baths Park, Palace of Culture and Science, Warsaw Uprising Mueseum, Lazienki Palace, Copernicus Science Centre, Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, Fryderyk Chopin Museum, Presidential Palace, Ostrogski Palace, Museum of Pawiak Prison, Holy Cross Church, the Jewish theater, the Nożyk Synagogue, Janusz Korczak’s Orphanage, Polish Army Museum, Czapski Palace, and Warsaw Zoo etc.

04. Wroclaw :- Situated by the River Oder, Wroclaw is the is the largest city in western Poland, and one of the top 10 tourist cities in Poland. It is also known as Dwarfs city in Poland as there are over 300 dwarfs (small figurines) placed on the city streets. These Wroclaw Dwarfs are one of main tourist attractions here and tourists like to click photos with it.

Top 10 tourist cities in Poland - Wroclaw

Top tourist attractions include Market Square (Rynek), Old Town- Historic Center, Wroclaw Zoo & Afrykarium, Ostrow Tumski – (Cathedral Island), Wroclaw Town Hall, Panorama of Raclawice Battle, Cathedral of St. John the Baptist, Sky Tower, Multimedia Fountain at Pergola, Central Station of Wroclaw, Church of St. Elizabeth, Wroclaw Aquapark, Wroclaw University Museum, John and Margaret House, Opera Wroclaw, Historic Jewish Cemetery, and Iglica etc. This beautiful city is blessed by a number of comfortable and scenic parks, such as Słodowa Island, Szczytnicki Park, Japanese Garden – Szczytnicki Park, University Botanical Garden, East Park, and South Park etc. There are many good restaurants, bars, clubs too that help Wroclaw to be on the list of top 10 tourist cities in Poland.

05. Torun :- It is one of the oldest cities in Poland and also known as ‘Kraków of the North’. Toruń is the most Gothic urban complex in Poland, right after Kraków the 2nd richest of original and best preserved historical monuments city in Poland. The medieval old town of Toruń is the birthplace of Polish astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus. This city specializes in a traditional gingerbread that will give your stay an additional, spicy flavor.

Top 10 tourist cities in Poland - Torun

In Torun, you can see many monuments of architecture dating back to the Middle Ages. The city is famous for having preserved almost intact its medieval spatial layout and many Gothic buildings, all built from brick, including monumental churches, the Town Hall and many burgher houses. Other important tourist attractions are – The Living Museum of Gingerbread, The old city wall, Old Town Square with Old Town Hall, Saint Catherine of Alexandria church, The Copernicus House, Copernicus Monument, St. James’ Church, Old and tall granary, St. John’s Cathedral, St. Mary’s Church, The Leaning Tower, Cloister Gate, Wozownia Art Gallery, the Wilam Horzyca Theatre, and Dąmbski Palace etc.

06. Poznan :- This city is considered by many as a stop between Berlin and Warsaw as it lies midway between these two cities. Many others consider it as a great place for doing business. People who are interested in history and culture will be in awe of great monuments of history and museums with exceptional exhibitions. For those who prefer to move a lot and to be active there are plenty of green areas with lakes, forests and parks where all kind of sports can be done.

Top 10 tourist cities in Poland - Poznan

The huge Old Town Square (Stary Rynek) is one of Europe’s nicest, and is lined by fabulous historic attractions, restaurants and nightlife. The Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul is Poland’s oldest cathedral. Other tourist attractions are – Old Market Square, Parish Church of St. Stanislaus (Fara Church), Croissant Museum, Ratusz Poznanski, Malta Lake, Park Cytadela, Brama Poznania, Koziolki Poznankie Ratusz, Poznan Zoo, Tumski Island, Maltanka Minature Railway, Zamek Cultural Center, Stary Marych, Solacki Park, Adam Mickiewicz University, Woodrow Wilson Park, Museum of Musical instruments, Borowiec Makieta, Rusalka Lake, City of Poznan History Museum, Prozerpiny Fountain, Church of Francis Seraficki, and Museum of Henryk Sienkiewicz Literary Works etc. Poznan has a genuine claim to be on the list of top 10 tourist cities in Poland.

07. Bydgoszcz :- The storybook city of Bydgoszcz is a stunning mélange of Gothic and Art Nouveau architecture, 18th-century granaries, cobblestone streets and outdoor cafes. It is located  located on the Brda and Vistula rivers, in northern Poland. The oldest building in Bydgoszcz is the Church of St Martin and Nicolaus or Fara Church which boasts a late-Gothic painting called ‘Madonna with a Rose’ or ‘the Holy Virgin of Beautiful Love’ from the 16th century . Main Post Office is one of the most spectacular buildings of Bydgoszcz located on the Brda river bank. It was built at the end of the 19th century in the so-called Prussian national style. Until today the building is occupied by the post office, open 24-hours.

Top 10 tourist cities in Poland - Bydgoszcz

Main tourist attraction in Bydgoszcz are – Mill Island and Bydgoszcz Venice, Town Hall, Man crossing the River, Bydgoszcz Canal, Main Post Office, The Archer Lady, Deluge Fountain, Bydgoszcz Cathedral, Lemara Barge, The Opera Nova, Fountain in the Music District, Marian Rejewski bench, Under the Eagle, Bydgoszcz Marina, Basilica of St. Vincent de Paul, Master Twardowski, Saint Peter and Saint Paul Apostles Church, Sielanka District, Copernicanum, Saint Andrew Bobola Church, Covered Market, Wolności Square, Museum of Waterworks, and Church of the Poor Clares etc. Bydgoszcz proudly stands on the list of top 10 tourist cities in Poland to explore.

08. Lublin :- One of the larger cities in Poland, Lublin is located in the eastern part of the country. The picturesque countryside that surrounds the city makes it a perfect summer ecotourism destination hotspot. Lublin Old Town is the best preserved Medieval town in Poland. Most of Lublin’s main attractions are located in the Śródmieście (downtown) district of the city. However, there are several points of interest that are out of the city core and worth attention.

Top 10 tourist cities in Poland - Lublin

Main tourist attractions of Lublin are – Lublin Castle, Krakowskie Przedmieście street, Lublin Old Town, Po Farze Square, Lubomelski Tenement, Grodzka Gate, Kraków Gate , Crown Tribunal, Majdanek National Museum, Archcathedral of St. John the Baptist and St. John the Evangelist, New Jewish Cemetery, Old Jewish Cemetery, Dominican Basilica and Monastery of St Stanislaus, Church of Our Lady the Victorious, Lublin History Museum, Martyrdom Museum ‘Under the Clock’, Cathedral of St John the Baptist, Tamara Cafe, Trinitarian Tower, Church of St. Michael, and Dworek Wincentego Pola – Muzeum etc.

09. Łódź :- City of Łódź is in the central portion of the nation and it is the 3rd largest city in Poland. It has countless attractions and historical sites to visit and explore. The permanent feather in the city’s cap is the magnificent Manufaktura complex. Although many associate it with shopping gastronomy, it also house numerous Museums. The Museum of the Factory explores the industrial history of the Manufaktura complex and the MS2 Modern Art Museum has one of the best contemporary art collections in Poland.

Top 10 tourist cities in Poland - Lodz

Borrowing the idea from the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Łódź has created its own strip of sidewalk featuring star-shaped plaques honoring the best of Polish cinema, including Roman Polański, Jerzy Kawalerowicz and Pola Negri. Other main tourist attractions in Lodz are – ul. Piotrkowska, Manufaktura, Museum of Cinematography, Experymentarium, Museum of the City of Łódź, EC1, Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, Lunapark, Palace of Karol Poznanski, Church of the Holy Trinity, The Priest’s Mill, Liberty Square, Freedom Square, and The Old Market Square etc.

10. Czestochowa :- This city is Often called the spiritual capital of Poland and attracts pilgrims and tourists from all over the world. Czestochowa lies among the picturesque Jurassic rocks of Krakow-Czestochowa Upland, topped with the ruins of Medieval castles. It is associated with the Jasna Gora Monastery and the icon of the Black Madonna, credited with many miracles. The Czestochowa sanctuary is also an outstanding monument of 15th century architecture, with later Renaissance and Baroque alternations.

Top 10 tourist cities in Poland - Czestochowa

Top attractions for tourists in Czestochowa are – Jasna Góra, Church Of St. Jakob, Czestochowa Cathedral, Jasna Gora Monastery, Black Madonna, Exvotos – Votive, The Chapel of the Miraculous Picture, Stations of the Cross, The Chapel of the Virgin, Enlightment at Jasna Gora (Bright Mountain), Speedway,  Al Najswietszej Marii Panny (Al NMP), eclectic Kamienica Kupiecka, Fountain at Stanisław Staszic Park, May Third Park, and Częstochowa City Hall etc.

There are many more beautiful cities in Poland that attract tourists across the globe but we can’t put all of them here that’s why me made this list of top 10 tourist cities in Poland for you including these ten cities that are extremely beautiful, so plan a trip and explore the beauty of this European country known as Poland.