World’s Top Ten Healthy Foods List

In this busy & stressful life many of us don’t have time to take healthy foods on daily basis and many others don’t have proper knowledge of them. So here we are presenting a list of 10 healthy foods which can reduced your risk of developing many diseases and considered to be the most healthy by many people.

healthy foods of the world

Healthy Foods

World’s Top Ten Healthy Foods List

1. Apple – Number one in top ten healthy foods list

Apple is not just a fruit but one of the best sources of antioxidants which fight with free radicals and several damaging substances generated in our body that cause undesirable harmful changes. These antioxidants also combat with substances which are responsible for aging process as well as for some diseases. Apples may reduce the risk of prostate cancer, colon cancer, and lung cancer. It also helps in weight loss, and controls increasing cholesterol level.

Red Apple - Number One In Top Ten Healthy Foods List

Red Apple - Number One In Top Ten Healthy Foods List

Researchers have found in some animal studies that polyphenols, an antioxidant found in apples, can extend lifespans.  Chinese University of Hong Kong found in some tests on fruit flies that polyphenols is a big help to them to preserve their ability to walk, climb and move about.

In some other tests, it was found that an adult female who regularly eats apples has upto 22% lower risk of developing heart disease. So this old proverb ‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away’ seems to be true and there is no harm to believe it as apples not only taste good but also good for health and one of ten best healthy foods of world.


2. Almond – Number two in top ten healthy foods list

Almonds have the highest fiber content of any tree nut and are a rich source of nutrients as it include iron, vitamin E, fiber, calcium,  magnesium, and riboflavin. Some previous tests and researches suggest that as a food almonds may help maintain healthy cholesterol levels that’s why it is part of world’s top ten healthy foods list.

Almonds - Healthy Foods

Almonds - Number Two In Top Ten Healthy Foods List

A raw almond contains 20% high quality protein, and monounsaturated fat which is one of the 2 fats which potentially may lower LDL cholesterol in our body. So if we make it part of our daily diet it might lower several factors related with heart disease, such as cholesterol and blood lipids.


3. Broccoli – Number three in top ten healthy foods list

Broccoli, a plant of the cabbage family, contains dietary fiber, calcium, folate, phytonutrients, and potassium. Phytonutrients are compounds which reduce the risk of developing heart disease, diabetes and some cancers. Broccoli  is rich of vitamin C, and an antioxidant called beta-carotene.  It also has some multiple nutrients such as diindolylmethane and selenium which have potent anti-cancer properties.

Broccoli shouldn’t be boiled or cooked for too long as it can destroy much of its vital nutrients such as enzyme myrosinase which can also reduce the risk of developing cancer. The best way to preserve the myrosinase while cooking is to steam the vegetable lightly.

Broccoli - Healthy Foods

Broccoli - Number Three In Top Ten Healthy Foods List

Broccoli powder does not contain myrosinase so best way to get its all benefits is eat it raw after a proper wash. It was found in researches that adding broccoli to a meal can double its anticancer properties. These are the some of the reasons for which we put Broccoli at number three in the list of top ten healthy foods of world.


4. Blueberry – Number four in top ten healthy foods list

Blueberry is not only a fruit but also one of healthy foods as it is rich in phytonutrients, fiber, Potassium, and antioxidants. Blueberries help in curbing obesity as it contains polyphenols which reduces the development of fat cells, induces the breakdown of lipids and fat, and lowers the risk of artery hardening.

Blueberry - Healthy Foods

Blueberry - Number Four In Top Ten Healthy Foods List

Regular diet of blueberry can reduce the risk of suffering from high blood pressure or hypertension because of its bio-active compound known as anthocyanins.

It is resulted in a study done by Harvard Medical School that people of elder age who eat sufficient amount of blueberries have lesser chance to suffer from cognitive decline, compared to same aged people who don’t.


5. Leafy Green Vegetables – Number five in top ten healthy foods list

It is resulted in some researches that if someone intakes a high amount of dark green leafy vegetables, such as cabbage and spinach, it may reduce the risk of development of diabetes type 2 in that person. Spinach, the dark green leafy vegetable, contains a high amount of antioxidants, specially when it is uncooked, very lightly boiled or steamed.

leafy green vegetable spinach - healthy foods

Leafy Green Vegetable Spinach- Number Five In Top Ten Healthy Foods List

Spinach is a real good source of many vitamins, such as A, B6, C, E and K, and also rich in iron, selenium, phosphorus, zinc, copper, niacin, manganese, folic acid, betaine, calcium, and potassium.It is advised by nutritionists not to fry spinach in oil as it can significantly reduce its all good nutrients. Green leafy vegetables peaks at fifth position in the list of top ten healthy foods of world.


6. Oily Fish – Number six in top ten healthy foods list

Oily Fishes are great source of vitamins A and D. Salmon, Sardines, Mackerel, Herring, Trout, and Anchovies are some famous oily fishes which have oil such as omega-3 fatty acids in their tissues and around the gut. It has been proved that these oils provide health benefits to our nervous system and heart.

oily fish - healthy foods

Oily Fish - Number Six In Top Ten Healthy Foods List

Eating Oily fish is beneficial for patients suffering from arthritis and other inflammatory conditions. Fish oil boosts responses to breast cancer drug ‘tamoxifen’ and also helps to prevent muscle loss in breast cancer survivors. Because of all its benefits oily fish ranks at sixth position in the list of top ten healthy foods of world.


7. Sweet Potatoes – Number seven in top ten healthy foods list

Now it is a well known thing that sweet potatoes are a rich source of necessary vitamins such as  vitamin B6 and  vitamin C, dietary fiber, complex carbohydrates, and beta carotene, as well as pink and yellow carotene.

Sweet Potatoes - Healthy Food

Sweet Potatoes - Number Seven In Top Ten Healthy Foods List

In a comparison of nutritional value of sweet potatoes to other vegetables on the basis of vitamins A and C, iron, calcium, protein and complex carbohydrates, sweet potato ranked at position number one. We think it’s clearly visible that because of its fibers richness and several other important nutrients sweet potatoes peaks at number seven in the list of top ten healthy foods of world.


8. Wheat Germ – Number eight in top ten healthy foods list

When we refine cereals in a mill we get wheat germ along with bran.  Wheat germ is an important part of wheat which is the embryo of the seed and germinates to grow into a plant. It contains high level of many vital nutrients, such as zinc, folic acid, vitamin E, phosphorus, thiamin, magnesium.

Wheat Germ - Healthy Foods

Wheat Germ - Number Eight In Top Ten Healthy Foods List

Wheat germ is rich in essential fatty acids along with fatty alcohols and considered as an excellent source of fibers. Vitamin E has anti-aging properties and also boosts immune power where as vitamin B gives healthy skin and aids digestion. Wheat germ has been proven as an important component of weight loss supplements. No wonder this wonder food ranks at eighth position in the list of top ten healthy foods of world.


 9. Avocado – Number nine in top ten healthy foods list

Many people try to keep distance from avocado as it has high fat content so they think and believe that if they avoid all fats they will be more healthy and can easily control their body weight but the fact is that it is just a myth not true. Actually an avocado has approximately 75 percent of the calories are mostly because of monounsaturated fat. The facts is that an avocado is 35% richer in potassium than a banana and also a rich source of B vitamins, vitamin E, and vitamin K .

Avocado - Healthy Foods

Avocado - Number Nine In Top Ten Healthy Foods List

Avocados also contains a very high percentage of fiber content which is of 25 percent soluble and 75 percent insoluble fiber. It has been proved through many studies that if avocado consumption is on a regular basis it may reduces the level of blood cholesterol and some researches say it may help in prevention from oral Cancer. So now you know why avocado is one one the best healthy foods and ranks at number nine in our list.


10. Oatmeal – Number ten in top ten healthy foods list

Oatmeal became popular over the last 20 years because of its all health benefits. It contains rolled or ground oats, or porridge made from ground or rolled oats as main ingredient. The term ‘porridge’ or ‘porridge oats’ are common terms  in the UK and Ireland for the breakfast cereal that is usually cooked.

Oatmeal - Healthy Foods

Oatmeal - Number Ten In Top Ten Healthy Foods List

Oats has plenty of complex carbohydrates and water-soluble fibers that helps to stabilize levels of blood-glucose. Where as Oatmeal porridge has been proved to be a very rich source of omega-3 fatty acids, B vitamins, potassium, and folate. If someone daily eats a bowl full of oatmeal his/her blood cholesterol will be level. So oatmeal is undoubtedly a healthy food and that’s why it is at number ten in the list of top ten healthy foods of the world.

Hope this list of top ten healthy foods is useful for you, eat healthy stay healthy.

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